Welcome to the latest edition of the SCI Chapter Newsletter. With many chapter elections taking place this time of year, we want to extend a special welcome and thank you to our new chapter leaders. In an effort to increase our communication, we are switching the newsletter from a quarterly delivery to every other month. This is your newsletter, so if there is something you would like to see covered in these newsletters, please send an email to Gary Swingle at gswingle@safariclub.org.

SCI Chapter Network Facebook Page

Speaking of communication, we are proud to announce our newest communication tool, the SCI Chapter Network Facebook page. This will be another way for us to communicate with each other and help get the word out on topics ranging from chapter events, fundraiser ideas and sharing best practices. We also want to make this a page for sharing fun stuff. So post up your pictures from hunts and shoots, too!

Just click on this link and give us a like. If we haven't already liked your page, we'll like you right back!

Chapter Gun of the Year

In case you missed it, we are now taking orders for the latest SCI Chapter Gun of the Year. The package consists of a Montana Rifle Company X2 in .300 Win Mag dipped in Kryptek camo and topped with a Zeiss Conquest HD5 3-15x50. The 50 available packages are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. For questions about the program, contact your Chapter Services Specialist. To place an order, call Kathy Reed in the SCI Accounting Department at 520-620-1220. With apologies to our chapters outside of the United States, we are restricted on where we can offer this program. It is only available to US chapters.

NOTE: We have just 12 packages remaining. If your chapter is interested, you will need to act fast!

Compliance Corner-Annual Reports

Chapter Annual Reports are due July 31. Thanks to those of you who have already completed them. If you are having any difficulties with your report (technical or otherwise), please contact your Chapter Services Specialist. We have been able to correct some of the issues while talking to chapters on the phone, others have needed some help from our IT team. Thanks again for your ongoing efforts to keep SCI in compliance with its legal requirements.

Its Never Too Early-Please Send Us Your Fundraiser Information

Several chapters have already submitted their 2017 fundraiser information. If you have not already done so, please send us as much information as you can. We need to have things like date, location (facility name as well as city/state/province), expected number of attendees, ticket prices, and contact info (name, phone, email). We will also gladly include any notes on special items or a detailed description of the event activities.

You can email all of this information to your Chapter Services Specialist or to Gary Swingle and we will get them entered into our system. All of the information will be included online and in Safari Times to help promote your event.

Chapter Kudos-New Member Recruitment

Congratulations to the following chapters who have earned more than 100 points in the new member incentive drive in 2016:
-Flint Regional
-Great Falls
-Kansas City
-Mid Michigan
-Northern Nevada
-SE Michigan Bowhunters
-Southwest Montana
-Texas Brush Country

Several chapters are very close to hitting the 100 mark. Remember to use your summer fun and social events as a recruiting tool! If you are a new chapter leader and not familiar with how to earn points, the system and incentives are as follows:

New Member Incentive Drive: Chapters earn points for signing up new members (defined as brand new or having a membership lapse for 12 months or more).

Chapters earn the following:

Chapter Fundraiser Catalog Update

The latest version of the Chapter Fundraiser Catalog will be posted behind the login at www.safariclub.org by mid-August. It is your one stop shop for guns, gear and more from companies that want to support your local chapter. The login is restricted to chapter officers; if you need assistance with your login just call the Member Services Team at 520-620-1220.

Membership and Chapter Services Staff Roster

Contact any of us at any time; if we do not know the answer to your question we know where to find it!

Member and Chapter Services Support Staff located at SCI Headquarters

Membership Processing Support Staff located at SCI Headquarters

Member and Chapter Services in the Field